Use of NOUNS THAT GO IN PAIRS through Hindi

1. Airs and graces : (external show बाहरी दिखावा)
He has recently been promoted to the post of General Manager.
That is why he is assuming airs and graces.

2. Bag and baggage : (with all one's belongings बोरिया-बिस्तर)
The poor man was turned out bag and baggage.

3. Bread and butter : (livelihood रोजी)
The poor earn their bread and butter daily and live from hand to mouth.

4. Cock and bull story : (an absurd story)
Your narration of the incident seems to be sheer cock and bull story.

5. Fits and starts : (irregularly अनियमित रूप से)
My nephew could not attend school regularly during the last month due to indisposition. He went in fits and starts.

6. Hand to hand : (at close quarters हाथों हाथ)
They had a hand to hand fight with the robbers.

7. Heart to heart : (Frank स्पष्ट)
The candidate at the meeting had a heart to heart talk with the vice-chancellor.

8. Over head and ears : (deeply बहुत अधिक)
He is over head and ears in debt.

9. Heart and soul : (earnestly गंभीरतापूर्वक)
He threw himself heart and soul into his studies.

10. Hue and cry : (noise शोर)
There was great hue and cry over the new budget passed by the parliament.

11. Heart and hand : (with great zeal पूर्ण उत्साह के साथ)
The politicians of early days worked heart and hand to gain independence of India.

12. To all intents and purposes : (practically व्यवहारिक रूप से)
He is to all intents and purposes, the leader of his party.

13. Kith and kin : (blood relations संबंधी, रिश्तेदार)
His kith and kin deserted him in adversity.

14. Wear and tear : (Wastage by use प्रयोग से छती)
The company is making allowance for the wear and tear of the vehicles manufactured by them.

15. Measure for measure : (tit for tat जैसे को तैसा)
He is very humble and modest.
He does not believe in measure for measure policy.

16. Neck and neck : (side by side साथ-साथ)
The sheep are grazing neck and neck.

17. Through the length and breadth of : (all over सब जगह)
Mrs. Gandhi went travelling through the length and breadth of the country.
18. With might and main : (with all one's power पूर्ण शक्ति से)

They tugged at the rope with might and main.

19. Odds and ends : (stray articles छोटी-मोटी वस्तुएं)
Various odds and ends were lying on the floor.

20. Part and parcel : (an essential part आवश्यक अंग)
We are part and parcel of our country.

21. Pros and cons : (advantages and disadvantages अच्छाई या बुराई) 

Always pay heed to the pros and cons before doing something.
22. The rank and file : (common people सामान्य सैनिक, सामान्य जन) The rank and file cannot understand these changes. 

23. Without rhymes or reason : (without valid reason बिना कारण)
He quarrelled with me without rhymes or reason.

24. Root and branch : (completely जड़ से)
Our leaders are bent upon eradicating communalism root and branch.

25. Ways and means : (methods; ways of raising money उपाय साधन)
Consider the ways and means for carrying out the plan.

26. Rack and ruin : (utter destruction संपूर्णता नष्ट होना) 

The whole building has gone to rack and ruin.

27. Sheep and goat : (good and evil अच्छाई और बुराई)
One who takes sheep and goat with an equal mind is a balanced man.

28. Sum and substance : (central idea सारांश)
The sum and substance of his speech is that one cannot progress without hard work.

29. Wear and tear : (injury caused by use घिसाई)
This car will stand a wear and tear of five years.

30. Weal and woe : (joy and sorrow सुख-दुख)
I shall be with you in weal and woe.

31. Wind and weather : (weather मौसम)
Wind and weather permitting. I shall go there.

32. Time and tide : (time समय)
Time and tide wait for no man.

33. Under lock and key : (locked up ताले में बंद करना)
She keeps all her ornaments under lock and key.

34. Hand and glove with : (on very intimate terms with घी-खिचड़ी होना)
He is hand and glove with Ram.

35. The loaves and fishes : (material gain आर्थिक लाभ)
He is eager for the loaves and fishes of office.

36. Hue and cry : (general outcry of alarms गुहार)
The raises a hue and cry against the heavy taxes.

37. Weal and woe : (happiness and sorrow सुख-दुख)
He has ever been with me in my weal and woe.