1. All in all : (all powerful सर्वशक्तिमान) 

The Principal is all in all in this school.

2. Cut and dry : (prepared beforehand पहले से ही तैयार)
He put forward cut and dry proposals.

3. Even and anon : (often बहुधा)
Gray could be seen ever and anon resting beneath the shade of the yew tree.

4. Fair and square : (honest ईमानदार)
He is fair and square in his dealing.

5. Hale and hearty : (healthy स्वस्थ)
His grandmother is quite hale and hearty even at the age of eighty.

6. Hard and fast : (strict कठोर)
There is no hard and fast rule that you should complete your project in a year. You can devote more time to it.

7. High and low : (Everywhere प्रत्येक स्थान पर)
He searched for his lost ring high and low.

8. Null and void : (without legal effect; invalid अकृत और शुन्य) This agreement has become null and void. 9. Slow and steady : (Persevering करते रहना) Slow and steady wins the race. 10. Spick and span : (new नवीन) His dress is spick and span and is appreciated by one and all. 11. Hard and fast : (rigid सख्त नियम) There is no hard and fast rule to satisfy every case. 12. Right and left : (on all sides चारों ओर) The police beat the mob right and left. 13. All and sundry : (everyoody and anybody जनसाधारण) All and sundry were invited to the party. 14. Willy milly : (willingly or unwillingly मर्जी से या बिना मर्जी से) You have to study this subject willy milly as it is a compulsory one.