1. A wild goose chase : (a useless adventure व्यर्थ परिश्रम)
To try to find a true friend is a wild goose chase.
2. Argus-eyed : (vigilant चैतन्य)
Swami Vivekananda was an argus-eyed man.
3. Bad blood : (active enmity दुश्मनी)
This favouritism is bound to create bad blood among the staff.
4. Beauty sleep : (sleep taken before midnight अर्ध-रात्रि के पूर्व की निद्रा)
One who has the beauty sleep, gets up fresh in the morning.
5. (A) Big gun : (an important person महतवपूर्ण व्यक्ति)
You need to fix appointment with him as he is a big gun.
6. Bird's eye view : (a cursory survey सूक्ष्म दृष्टिपात)
The inspection committee had a bird's eye view of the library.
7. A man's better half : (his wife पत्नी)
His better half is out of sorts today.
8. A black sheep : (a person with a bad reputation कुल कलंक, दुश चरित्र)
He is a black sheep of our clan.
9. Black art : (magic जादू)
My cousin has gone to see black art in the exhibition.
10. Black diamond : (coal कोयला)
Black diamond was used in the beginning to run steam engines.
11. A bosom friend : (a chum सखा, यार)
Ram is my bosom friend.
12. A burning question : (a matter requiring urgent settlement सामयिक प्रश्न)
The abolition of capitalism is the burning question of the day.
13. Capital error : (great mistake महान त्रुटि)
He suffered owning to his capital error.
14. Bull in a China shop : (round peg in a square hole स्वभाव के विरुद्ध वातावरण में)
Satish is a bull in a China shop among the urbans as he comes from rural background.
15. A capital crime : (a crime punishable with death ऐसा अपराध जिसकी सजा मौत हो)
Murder is a capital crime.
16. Casting vote : (the president's additional vote when both sides have equal votes निर्णयात्मक मत)
The resolution was passed by the casting vote of the President.
17. A chicken-hearted fellow : (a limit fellow डरपोक)
Your younger brother is a chicken-hearted fellow.
18. Cold-blooded murder : (an unprovoked murder निर्दोष हत्या)
His cold-blooded murder made my hair stand on end.
19. A cold reception : (a reception wanting in love भारी मन से स्वागत करना)
He was displeased at his cold reception.
20. A curtain lecture : (a lecture given by a wife to her husband स्त्री का पुरुष को)
Rip Van Winkle fied from his house because he was tired of curtain lecture.
21. A warm of hearty reception : (a reception full of love जोश भरा स्वागत)
We gave him a warm reception.
22. Crocodile tears : (insincere sorrow कपटी या घड़ियाल के आंसू)
Your crocodile tears cannot move anybody to pity.
23. A drawn game or battle : (in which neither party wins अनिर्गीत खेल)
We played a drawn game of football.
24. Eagle-eyed man : (keen observer ध्यानपूर्वक देखने वाला)
My master is an eagle-eyed man. Nobody can deceive him.
25. By fair means or foul : (by any means उचित अनुचित सभी प्रकार से)
Leaders try to gain their objects by fair means or foul.
26. Fiddlesticks : (nonsense व्यर्थ बात)
Though he is well-educated, yet he talks fiddlesticks.
27. Fair whether friend : (a false friend स्वार्थी मित्र)
Don't trust him, he is a fair whether friend.
28. A gala day : (A happy or festival occasion खुशी से भरपूर दिन)
The 15th August is a gala day in India.
29. The gift of the gab : (power of talking बोलने की शक्ति)
The secretary of the students union has the gift of the gab.
30. A green horn : (an inexperienced person अनुभव हीन व्यक्ति)
You cannot be given the job. You are still a green horn.
31. A good hand at : (clever in सिद्धहस्थ)
He is a good hand at cricket.

32. A hard nut to crack : (something difficult to deal with कठिन कार्य, टेढ़ी खीर) To pass the L. L. M. examination is a hard nut to crack. 33. A hair breadth escape : (a narrow escape बाल बाल बचना) He had a hair breadth escape from being run over by a bus. 34. A hen-pecked husband : (ruled by his wife जोरू का गुलाम) My friend is a hen-pecked husband. 35. An iron will : (unbending will दृढ़ निश्चय वाला) Sardar Patel was a man of iron will. 36. Iron hand : (great strictness अत्यंत कठोरता) The principal dealt with the students with an iron hand. 37. A Jaundiced eye : (partial look पक्षपात की दृष्टि) While doing evaluation of the examination copies, the examiner should not have a jaundiced eye. 38. A judas kiss : (betrayal विश्वासघात) His leakage of the secret to the enemy is a Judas kiss. 39. A Laconic speech : (mere narration of facts विषय का केवल कथन मात्र) Rohit's laconic speech reveals his ignorance of the rules of oratory. 40. A laughing stock : (target or object of ridicule उपहास का केंद्र) Ram is a laughing stock of the city. 41. A maiden speech : (a speech made for the first time प्रथम भाषण) In his maiden speech he worked wonders. 42. Ostrich policy : policy of self deception आत्म प्रवचन) He suffered great loss in life owing to ostrich policy. 43. An open secret : (a secret known to many persons खुला भेद) It is an open secret that he will soon desert his party. 44. A promising youth : (a young man who is expected to become great होनहार नौजवान) Your friend is a promising youth. 45. A narrow escape : (a hair breadth escape बाल बाल बचना) He had a narrow escape from the bull which was chasing him. 46. The Primrose path : (an easy and flowery path सुगम और सरल पथ) Success in life demands hard work. There is no primrose path to it. 47. Quixotic project : (a nonsense plan मूर्खता का कार्य) No quixotic project can make you successful in life. 48. Ready money : (cash in hand नकदी) At present I have no ready money to buy a car. 49. A red letter day : (a fortunate day; an important day महत्वपूर्ण दिवस) 26th January is a red letter day in the history of India. 50. Red tape or tapism : (excessive official formality दफ्तरी देर) In every office you are faced with red tapism. 51. A rainy day : (a time of adversity कठिनाई का समय) We must keep some money for a rainy day. 52. A sleeping partner : (a partner who performs no active duty क्रियात्मक भाग ना लेने वाला साथी) He is a sleeping partner in this business. 53. A silver lining : (bright side उज्जवल पहलू) Every cloud has a silver lining. 54. A stiffnecked man : (an obstinate person हठी व्यक्ति) Mr. Johar is a stiffnecked man. It is very difficult to make him agree to this plan. 55. The turning point : (the deciding factor जीवन में मोड़ लाने वाली घटना) His friend's death was a turning point in his life. 56. Talk talk : (vain language शेखी बघारना) Do not indulge in talk talk. 57. The three R's : (reading, writing and arithmetic पढ़ना, लिखना, अंकगणित) He knows nothing except the three R's. 58. Utopian scheme : (impracticable असाध्य) This is utopian scheme. I am afraid if this can lead to our profit. 59. Virgin soil : (soil which has never been tilled ऐसी भूमि जो जूती न हो) Overpopulation in India is one of the major factors for the reduction in the lands of virgin soil. 60. A white lie : (a harmless falsehood सफेद झूठ) His white lie did me no harm. 61. A white elephant : (a dignity hard to support ऐसा कार्य जिस पर बहुत अधिक व्यय हो) A European wife is generally a white elephant for an Indian husband.