1. Above all : (most important of all सबसे महत्वपूर्ण)
The new D. M. is dutiful and punctual, but above all, he is honest.

2. Above board : (honest and unconcealed खुल्लम खुल्ला)
Ram's conduct has been entirely above board and your criticism of him is quite unjust.

3. After all : (whatever may be against if फिर भी)
After all you were wrong.

4. Again and again or over and over again or time and again : (बार-बार)
Good books should be read again and again or over and over again or time and again.

5. All the same : (nevertheless फिर भी)
He does appear to be very bright, all the same, we may admit him.

6. All of a sudden : (suddenly अचानक)
All of a sudden the building collapsed.

7. At present : (now वर्तमान में)
Nothing more can be done at present.

8. For the present : (just now इस समय)
For the present I am postponing my trip to Shimla.

9. As a matter of fact : (in reality वास्तव में)
She does not look more than twenty; as a matter of fact, she is more than twenty.

10. At any rate : (in any possible case चाहे कुछ भी हो)
I shall come at any rate, rain or storm.

11. At all events : (in any case किसी भी दशा में)
He was a pedlar or, at all events a hawker of small wares.

12. Before long : (in a short time अति शीघ्र)
Before long the child will return.

13. By and by : (after a time, little by little)
By and by the agitation will subside.

14. By the by or by the way : (incidentally ऐसे ही)
By the by or by the way I have some news to tell you.

15. By far : (in a very great degree, by a great difference निस्संदेह)
It is by far the largest playground.

16. By no means : (in no way किसी प्रकार भी नहीं)
He can by no means take away my book by force.

17. Far and away; Out and away; Out and out : (beyond all comparison पूर्णतया)
He is far and away the best batsmen in our country.

18. Far and near : (दूर-दूर से)
He sought for his missing son far and near.

19. Far and wide : (everywhere देश- देशांतरों से)
People came from far and wide to hear the famous singer.

20. First and foremost : (before anything else सबसे प्रथम)
First and foremost, speak the truth.

21. For long : ( देर तक, बहुत समय तक)
He was imprisoned for long.

22. For better or for worse : (whatever be my lot बुरा भला चाहे कुछ भी हो)
I have accepted my job for better or for worse.

23. From time to time : ( समय-समय पर)
He comes from time to time to see how we are.

24. Hither and thither : (इधर-उधर)
We were walked hither and thither in the Exhibition.

25. Now and then : (कभी-कभी)
He writes to me now and then.

26. Off and on : (irregularly अनियमित रूप से)
I have been learning Russian off and on for some time past.

27. On the contrary : (phrase used to make a denial or contradiction more emphatic उल्टे)
He does not love her; on the contrary he hates her.

28. Once and again : (occasionally समय-समय पर बारंबार)
I have told you once and again not to read novels.

29. On the one hand; On the other hand : ( एक ओर तो यह और दूसरी ओर वह)
On the one hand you are anxious to go home, on the other hand you are afraid of inconvenience on the way.

30. Once again : (एक बार फिर)
Read this passage once again.

31. On the whole : (generally speaking साधारण रूप से)
On the whole my paper was considered superior to that of his.

32. Over and above : (besides अतिरिक्त) 

Over and above being honest, he is humble.

33. In the long run or sooner or later : (eventually अंत में)
In the long run or sooner or later the cheat will be caught.

34. So far as or as far as : (in my experience जहां तक)
So far as I know, it never rains in November.

35. Through and through : (entirely, completely संपूर्णत:)
He has read the Holy Gita through and through.

36. Then and there : (on the spot वहीं पर)
The murderer was caught then and there.

37. To and fro : (backward and forward इधर-उधर)
The child walked to and fro in the room.

38. Through thick and thin : (under all difficulties सभी कठिनाइयों में)
Both the friends decided to stand by each other through thick and thin.

39. To the contrary : (against what has been said इसके विरुद्ध)
I have nothing to say to the contrary.

40. With one voice : (unanimously एक मत से)
His proposal was rejected with one voice by the people.

41. Without fail : (positively, certainly निश्चित रूप से)
I will meet you there on Sunday at twelve without fail.