Use of CONJUNCTIONAL PHRASES in English with examples through Hindi

1. No sooner than : ( ज्यों ही कि)
No sooner did he hear news than she wept aloud.
No sooner did he step out the room than the door was closed.

2. Scarcely before : (hardly before कठिनता से)
He had scarcely heard of the death of his friend before he wept aloud.

3. As long as : ( जब तक की)
As long as it rains, we must not step out of the house.

4. In order that : ( इसलिए की)
We work in order that we may earn a living.

5. Indeed but : ( निस्संदेह फिर भी)
The thieves indeed were caught; but nothing that they had stolen could be recovered.

6. All the same : (फिर भी)
There seems to be much force in what you say, they adhere to their own opinion all the same.

7. At the same time : ( परंतु फिर भी)
There seems to be much force in what you say, at the same time they adhere to their own opinion.

8. As sure as : ( जब तक कि)
As sure as you stay here, you will have to do this work.

9. In as much as : (because; as क्योंकि)
The general yield to the enemy in as much as his men were short of ammunition and food.

10. In so much that : ( इतना कि)
The riots in the city continued all the day, in so much that it was dangerous to leave the house.