Use of IDIOMATIC NOUN PHRASES in English with examples through Hindi

1. Adam's ale : (water जल)
The soldier died for want of a glass of Adam's ale.

2. Alma Mater : (mother institution अपना विद्यालय)
Mrs. Desai is the head of her alma mater.

3. Apple pie order : (perfect order सुव्यवस्था)
Mohan's mother keeps apple pie order in the house.

4. An apple of discord or bone of contention : (a cause for strife झगड़े का कारण)
This piece of land is an apple of discord between the two brothers.

5. The apple of one's eye : (very dear आंख का तारा)
Ram is the apple of his father's eye.

6. A beast of burden : (a beast used for carrying heavy loads भार डालने वाला जानवर)
The lion is a beast of burden.

7. A beast of prey : (a beast which kills and eats other animals शिकारी जानवर)
The lion is a beast of prey.

8. A bed of roses : (a comfortable thing फूलों की शैय्या)
Life is not a bed of roses.

9. A bed of thorns : (uncomfortable position कांटो का बिछौना)
Life is a bed of thorns.

10. A bird of passage : (a migratory bird, a person who does not stick to any place एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान पर घूमने वाला)
Like a bird of passage he is always shifting from place to place.

11. Birds of a feather : (people with the same interests एक जैसी प्रवृत्ति के)
Birds of a feather flock together.

12. Bolt from the blue : (a sad and unexpected news आकस्मिक दुखद संदेश)
The news of my grandfather's death was a bolt from the blue.

13. Cap in hand : (humbly नम्रता पूर्वक)
The peon went to the officer cap in hand.

14. (A) Cat and dog life : (a life full of quarrels झगड़ों से भरा जीवन)
Their family is leading a cat and dog life.

15. Castle in the air : (imaginary plans हवाई किले बनाना)
What use is there of building castle in the air.

16. Close-fisted man : (a great miser कंजूस)
Don't use expect my monetary gain from him.
He is a close-fisted man.

17. (To) Cross one's t's and dot one's i's : (to give finishing touch अंतिम पॉलिश)
Her project work is almost over.
She has just to cross her t's and dot her i's.

18. (A) Cry for the moon : (an impossible thing आकाश पुष्प)
Swaraj that was a cry for the moon one day, turned out to be a reality for India.
19. (The) Daughter of Eve : (woman स्त्री)

Who can escape the spell of the daughters of Eve.

20. D-day : (The day of success सफलता का दिवस)
After its success in the finals, the Indian team is celebrating its D-day today.

21. Debt of nature : (death मृत्यु)
Everyone has to pay the debt of nature one day or the other.

22. (A) Dog in the manager : (A selfish person स्वार्थी)
I had thought Mrs. Gupta to be a philanthropic woman but she turned out to be a dog in the manager.

23. Doom's Day : (the last day of the creation कयामत का दिन)
11th September was as if a Doom's day for the U.S.

24. Elixir of life : (Nectar अमृत)
Sound health has proved to be elixir of life for him.

25. Escape literature : (light literature हल्का साहित्य)
Manju is not interested in reading escape literature.

26. Fish out of water : (not at ease जल बिन मछली)
Being a German he is feeling like a fish out of water in India.

27. Ins and outs : (full details भेद)
You have not given me ins and outs of the matter.

28. Flesh and blood : (human nature मानवीय प्राकृति)
Flesh and blood cannot bear this insult.

29. French leave : (leave without permission बिना स्वीकृति का अवकाश)
Mr. Tripathi is on French leave today.

30. (To be) Greek : (unintelligible समझ से परे)
Science and Maths are Greek to him.

31. Handsome is that handsome does : (beautiful is he who does beautiful acts सुंदर वही है जो सुंदर कार्य करता है) He does not rely on physical charms. For him, handsome is that handsome does.

32. (A) Hard nut to crack : (difficult work कठिन कार्य) It was a hard nut to crack-to win the test match against the west Indies.

33. (A) Jack of all trades : (having a little knowledge about so many things हरफन मौला, बहुत सी वस्तुओं का थोड़ा-थोड़ा ज्ञान होना) One should be a master of one thing instead of a jack of all trades.

34. (A) Ladies' man : (A man fond for the upliftment of women and is popularly known as ladies' man.

35. (A) Leap is the dark : (a risk जोखिम का कार्य) Your registration for letter prospects is a leap in the dark.

36. The lion's share : (unduly large share सबसे बड़ा भाग) He always get the lion's share of the profits.

37. The long and short of a thing : (the whole of it briefly stated संक्षेप में) The long and short of the matter is that we must set to work as easily as possible.

38. The man in the street : (an ordinary uneducated man साधारण मनुष्य) Even the man in the street knows this.

39. A man in a thousand : (a wonderful man अनोखा मनुष्य) Our Prime Minister is a man in a thousand.

40. A man of parts : (an able man योग्य व्यक्ति) Our Vice-chancellor is a man of parts.

41. A man of letters : (a literary man साहित्यिक, पढ़ा-लिखा व्यक्ति) Dr. Tagore was a man of letters.

42. A man of straw : (imaginary person, easily overcome सिद्धांत हीन) He is only a man of straw.

43. (A) Nine day's wonder : (a wonder that becomes a burning question for a long time ऐसे आश्चर्य का विषय जो बहुत समय तक मनुष्यों की जिव्हा पर रहे) Mahatma Gandhi's economic policy 'Gram Swaraj' which provided employment to all the villagers in every village became nine day's wonder.

44. (An) Olive branch : (offer of peace शांति एवं संधि का प्रस्ताव) Shri Krishna went with an olive branch in the court of Dhristarashtra.

45. Penelope's web : (an unfinishable task द्रोपदी का चीर) If you donot pay heed to your project, it will become the Penelope's web for you.

46. Petticoat Government : (the management of ladies नारी प्रभुत्व) Petticoat government reigned supreme in the village where Rip Van Winkle lived.

47. (A) Pin-pricks policy : (a tendency of finding fault and troubling every moment प्रतिक्षण छिद्रlन्वेषण और सताने की नीति) He left the job as the Principal was regularly adopting a pin-pricks policy.

48. The pros and cons of : (the argument for and against लाभ तथा हानियां) We should study the pros and cons of the matter.

49. (A) Red letter day : (a day of rejoicing and importance आनंद और महत्व का दिवस) The Independence day is celebrated as a red-letter day in our country.

50. Sine die : (indefinite अनिश्चित अवधि के लिए) The curfew in the city is imposed sine die.

51. (A) Snake in the grass : (a secret enemy छिपा दुश्मन) His only son turned out to be a snake in the grass.

52. The sinews of war : (money required to carry on war युद्ध के लिए धन) We lack the sinews of war.

53. The sum and substance : (gist सार) Give me the sum and substance of his speech.

54. Summun bonum : (highest goods सर्वोत्तम वस्तु) Truths was the summun bonum of life for Raja Harishchandra.

55. The ups and downs of life : (the changes of life उतार-चढ़ाव) I have seen many ups and downs of life.

56. Yeoman's service : (good service उत्तम सेवा) Mrs. Gupta has rendered yeoman's service in her office.

57. Yes-man : (those who ditta हां में हां मिलाने वाला व्यक्ति) My father does not like to talk to Mr. Pathak as he is a yes-man.

58. A slip of the tongue : (a slight mistake in speaking किसी अशुद्ध शब्द का मुंह से निकल जाना) I am sorry, it is a mere slip of the tongue.

59. Tit for tat : (evil for evil जैसे को तैसा) Mahatma Gandhi was opposed to tit for tat policy. He was a follower of non-violence.

60. A slip of the pen : (a chance mistake in writing लिखने में अशुद्धि) Although it appears to be a slip of the pen, it has cost him dear.