Privacy Policy

We (Englishbyalam) always value your privacy, hence we do not provide your personal information that you share with us to any third party for any purposes without your consent. We contact our students through email for the purpose of teaching, feedback, new updates etc.

Your Personal Information i.e. your name, email ID, Phone number, address or any other detail etc is confidential hence we take reasonable steps to protect it from unauthorized access or any disclosure and ensure the security of your personal information. However, we can only share Personal Information under the circumstances, where we are compelled by law or court order to do so.

We can provide Englishbyalam, website link to any third-party advertising companies/websites so that one can join Englishbyalam through their reference too but we don’t instruct/request third-party advertising companies/websites to ask for any of your personal information for any purpose, however if they do, it’s all up to your discretion whether to provide or not. 

Englishbyalam, is not liable for any loss incurred to you due to your sharing personal information to any such third party advertising companies/websites.

 And also we can advertise third party businesses in our website but we never provide our students personal information to any of these third party clients for any purpose at all. If you make any relationship with such third party, it’s all up to your discretion, we are not responsible for it in any respect at all.

Your use of Englishbyalam, by default signifies your acceptance of the Englishbyalam, Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time without any notice at the sole discretion of Englishbyalam. If you have any queries about Englishbyalam, Privacy Policy or disclosure of your personal information, kindly e-mail at