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 Proximity (सामीप्य) with actual or intended contact

(a). मिक्स समय का बोध : proximity in time

He will come at 4 o'clock.

He came noon /night/ midnight.

(b). छोटे स्थान का बोध: proximity in place

He lives at Madhubani.

He is at home.

My son is at school.

(c). Indicating price /rate/ speed : proximity in value/ speed

Rise sells at Rs. 10/-a kilo.

At what price is this is sold.

I bought this coast at 25% discount.

The train is running at 60 km an hour.

(d). दिशा/ लक्ष्य का बोध: proximity in aim /direction

She is looking at him.

He frowned at him for laughing at him.

Suddenly the dog at me .

A man with a gun was shooting at the crowed.

(e ). Indicating or state, condition or continuous activity: proximity in state occupation

Children are at play.

They are at work. 

He is standing at ease.