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In : Rest in the interior of anything (a).में (बड़े स्थान के साथ) We is live in India. He lives in Bihar. (b). में (समय का भाव ) He will come in 4 days. I play in the morning . It is hot in summer. (c). में (दिशा, अवस्था का भाव) He is in debt. He is in a bad temper. They are in trouble. He is in good health. Are you in love with her? Everything is in order. (d). में( के भीतर) She is in the room. There are 7 days in a week. There are a star in the sky. There is water in the river. (e). के( पोशाक में) He was in unifrom . She is in sari . She was clothed in rags . Did you see the woman in white. He is all in green. (f). में ( दिशा का भाव ) The sun rises in the east. (g). में (पेशा, व्यापार, कार्य-कलाप का भाव) He is in the army. He has been in politics all his life. Facebook page link