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On Rest on the upper surface of a thing. (a). पर (वस्तु या व्यक्ति से सटा हुआ- स्थान का भाव) They are sitting on the grass. There are glasses on the table. He hit me on the head. Leaves are floating on the water. He is writing on paper. (b). को(समय का भाव) I am free on Sundays. He will come here on Monday. My father is sure to come on my birthday. She will reach on time(समय पर). Note: on time का अर्थ है -बिल्कुल ठीक समय पर ,न पहले न बाद मे;,in time का अर्थ है- समय से कुछ पहले, अर्थात् देर से नहीं । (c). के विषय में/के संबंध में(about/concerning) I am writing on Shakespeare. Can you write an essay on "friendship". He is good for an hour on that subject. He is writing a book on economics. (d). सदस्य होने का भाव He is committee/staff/jury. Which side are you on? (e). कार्य- व्यापार/ स्थिति का भाव He is on tour/business/holiday. (f). के बिलकुल नजदीक(close to a place or time) There was no house on the main road. There was a town on the coast. Facebook page link https://www.facebook.com/Taukir-Alam-Life-Changing-Videos-In-Hindi-19460831690398