To | use of to | preposition to | how to use to in a sentence

To: Motion towards anything.

(a). की ओर( indicating direction )

He is going to school.

The egg fell to the ground.

Please turn to the left.

(b). से ........ तक( स्थान/ समय का भाव )

From door to door. From morning to evening.

(c). के लिए- उद्देश्य( purpose / intention )

He came to see us.

He came to our help.

(d). सीमा (limit)

They fought to the last man.

(e). स्थान (place)

He has come to me/my house.

(f). बाकी (समय का भाव)

It is six to ten.

It is a quarter to eight.

(g). Belonging to somebody.

This is a key to the door.

(h). Comparison ratio proportionका भाव

I prefer reading to writing.

He is junior to me.

We won by five goals to four.

The chances are three to one.